Who we are

JC Care is an initiative by JC Ventures Pvt. Ltd. An enterprise and career growth support system, it is a techno-commercial organization and a venture capitalist company. JC Ventures participate in various sectors including e-Commerce ,preventive health care and wellness and BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance) services.

More than an enterprise, it is a vision to give a much needed boost to the careers of capable and ambitious youth in the Indian hinterland. It is promoted by entrepreneurs with the pedigree and proven experience of decades in creating successful businesses with groundbreaking ideas.

What we do

Through JC Care Franchise we extend various services to the people in the form of its care such as:

As the name suggests Fairconnects is all about connecting right people to the right people. These people may be in the form of a employment/self employment-seeker, employment/self employment provider, training seeker, training provider, an innovative idea developer, an idea raiser, an start up owner or leader, an investor looking for profitable investment opportunity, and so on. Fairconnects will bridge this gap by connecting the right dots between "Seeker" & "Provider".

JC Care will care for uplifting people’s economic status by providing them a well-established and low-investment self-employment opportunity and platform on our B2B online market place, www.a2z.sale. We care that the persons or housewives who want to start a online store do not have sufficient capital for investing into purchasing the goods, marketing them across the digital platforms, keeping & maintaining the stock, and pack & dispatch them to the customer therefore, on behalf of our retail-partner or Retailer, we bear all this pain and let our Retailer focus freely on growing their sales.

It is as clear as a crystal, that today's life & work style is making people unhealthy. Unfortunately, it comes very late when someone actually realizes the intensity of disease which he/she might suffer from. As the good life is now close to you - JC Genetics will help people become health-smart by non-invasive; painless genetic testing products available at www.jcgenetics.in. The innovative and modern genetic test method implied by us which uses human saliva sample for analyzing genes to depict defects.

JC Pay extends and enables Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) services available to one and all. We distribute retail banking and financial services to India's banked and unbanked population and the last mile link connecting India's urban and rural citizens with its modern ecosystem. Through the best breed of functional modules, we provide access to real-time banking transactions even at Gram Panchayat levels. Our Banking Services include, enrolment of banking customers, providing debit and credit cards and PIN, enabling general banking transactions, collection and scrutiny of loan applications, verification of primary data, sale of third-party banking & financial products and Adhaar Enabled Payment Services (AEPS). Apart from banking services, JC Pay also delivers insurance and mutual fund guidance & services to the people.