JC Care Franchise Services: All Questions Answered

If you are thinking about entering into franchise business in India, but not sure about making the final decision. Do you have questions to ask before buying a franchise? Read more to know about franchise opportunity and services of recently introduced JC Care franchise services.

The franchise industry is continuing to quadruple and many new franchise brands have entered locally and also, entering from abroad. Moreover, consumerism has improved in a large manner with the backing of high disposable income, favorable demographic profile and growing urbanization. These factors have led to immense popularity of franchising business and indicated rise of interest in the franchise industry.

What is Franchising?

Everyone knows about McDonald’s, KFC, or a Café Coffee Day today. These organizations run on franchise business model. Franchising establishes the relationship between two entities i.e. franchisor and franchisee. Franchisor owns the brand name, products, business system and permits the other party to use its product, brand name, business system and process to franchisee on an agreed franchise fees. Conceptually, franchising is a method of marketing and distribution of products/services for growth and development of organization. When the franchise is approved and franchise fees is paid, the franchisee need to run the business according to the franchise contract and operations manual. The franchisee need to pay royalty at monthly flat rate or fixed percentage of gross sales, according to the set franchise contract. The franchising system is booming in India as it has considerably improved the quality of life in the country.


About JC Care

JC Care is an initiative of JC Ventures Pvt. Ltd, a techno-commercial organization and a venture capitalist company. We are offering JC Care franchise opportunity to:

  • High earning through commissions (One-time and Overriding)
  • Low Investment, High Returns
  • Ready Sales Collaterals
  • Global Marketing Support
  • Fastest Return on investment
  • Technology Support
  • Training & Hand Holding Support
  • Outlet Branding

Products of JC Care

Do you still have this question in your mind – What kind of franchise should i buy?” Let us understand about the franchise product offerings of JC Care.

  • FairConnects: FairConnects is the disruptive platform that brings connectivity between seekers and providers in different sectors.
  • JC Genetics: JC Genetics is preventive healthcare and wellness solution provider with the goal of making nation disease free through non-invasive DNA testing process.
  • A2Z.Sale: A2Z.Sale is a one-stop solution to set up your e-commerce business with the help of online dropshipping platform.
  • JC Pay: JC Pay is a mobile-based money transfer platform with a security feature of user’s fingerprint and offers the entire range of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) services.

Wed, 11 Jul 2018