Why You Should Move to Multi-Unit Franchise?

For many, owning and operating a franchise is the most fulfilling and exciting endeavor. While some people think of owning a multi-unit franchise to gain more opportunities and benefits. A single unit franchise helps the franchise to operate the one unit of the franchise business but the multi-unit franchise helps franchisee to operate more than one unit and has minimal involvement in the daily tasks of all the units. when it comes to investment, the multi-unit franchise needs more investment as compared to the single unit franchise business. Also, when talk about the area covered, the multi-unit franchise business requires wider space to set up various units. 


4 reasons you should move to a multi-unit franchise


  • Increased profitability: With a franchisor that supports a multi-unit franchise, you can grow your business up to the great extent and get benefit from the greater ownership. You can increase your purchasing power and market share through the costs generated across multiple locations.


  • More Freedom: When you run out a multi-unit franchise business, you won’t have to worry about managing the day-to-day operations as you will have a team for assistance. Thus, you can run your business independently while having more time to spend with your friends and family that will improve your quality of life.


  • Lower Risks: When you own multiple stores, your risks may be reduced as you get a bigger advantage over your competition. with the help of right leadership, the advantages of franchising can outweigh the risks.


  • Motivated team of employees:  Most often, franchisees find it intimidating to manage high employee turnover. In such scenario, owning a multi-unit franchise business is beneficial to build trust and motivation in your employees.


It can be considered that moving into a multi-unit franchise can earn you more profitability as it deals with multiple industries and ultimately, provides a better scope of earning potential. JC Care also deals with multiple units for better growth of people and extends various services to encourage self-employment in the Indian hinterland. Owning a franchise with JC Care is very easy. The sectors of JC Care include:


  • FairConnects – As the name suggests, FairConnects is all about connecting right seekers to the right providers with excellent technology support.


  • A2Z.sale – A B2B online marketplace that helps in starting an online store without any hassles of capital investment, maintaining the inventory, and delivering to the customer.


  • JC Pay – It provides banking services including enrolment of banking customers, general banking transactions, collection and scrutiny of loan applications, verification of primary data, sale of third-party banking & financial products and Aadhar Enabled Payment Services (AEPS).


  • JC Genetics – It provides preventive healthcare and wellness services. The innovative and modern genetic genetic testing services uses human saliva sample for analysing genes and recommend a better health and lifestyle.

Tue, 11 Dec 2018